FotoFrame Sports Bottle by Oodles World

For best results trim card to: 3.5 x 2.5 in. / 8.9 x 6.35 cm (22 oz. bottle) - or - 3.15 x 2.2 in. / 8 x 5.6 cm (14 oz. bottle)

To Remove Window:

Firmly press both sides of the bottle with one hand and pull the window away from the bottle with the other hand.

To Replace Card:

1. Remove one plastic tab (22 oz bottles only).
2. Slide out card with your thumb.
3. Replace plastic tab (22 oz bottles only).
4. Insert your favorite picture, logo, trading card, etc. into the window.

To Resecure Window:

1. Set bottom edge of the window in its proper position on the bottle.
2. Press the top edge with both thumbs. The window resecures itself with a snap!