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  • Our Story
  • Hal Brown has spent years using his skills, talents and business acumen to create and produce successful entertainment properties for many high profile entertainment companies including Dreamworks, Disney, NBC, ABC Family Channel, Sea World and many others. Having worked for years creating content for other companies, Hal always knew that he was destined to bring high quality entertainment properties to the marketplace in his own banner. Oodles Entertainment, Inc. is the fulfillment of that dream.

    The first step on that journey is a slate of three live action films under the banner Pathlight Pictures, LLC. These three films are budgeted in the $15-30 million dollar range and are currently in development with rights secured. Each film features an amazing story of personal courage that is both entertaining and life affirming.

    Stage two of that journey is to produce animation under the banner Oodles Animation, LLC. Characters and story concepts are currently being developed to produce high quality animation that will serve the short form television and mobile platforms, and eventually a feature length original musical animated film.

  • Our Mission
  • Producing quality entertainment by telling extraordinary stories that elevate the human spirit and influence culture to positively impact society.

  • Our Vision
  • The influence of television and feature film entertainment are the most powerful forces affecting our culture today. They effectively shape society as we experience story telling at home, on the big screen and on multiple mobile platforms. Recognizing this, Oodles Entertainment has assembled a uniquely gifted team of professionals to produce content that is first and foremost entertaining, while showcasing extraordinary stories.

    Our vision is to offer people a choice that will positively influence culture, as we enter homes and lives with uplifting entertainment.

    Our Founder

    Hal Brown, President / Founder

    Hal Brown is the President of Oodles Entertainment, Inc. and brings particular strength in investor relations, marketing and promotion, overall creative concepts and bringing new properties into the pipeline. Hal Brown is well known in the entertainment and marketing industries for his creative expertise and management and networking skills. Hal began his career as a business owner/advisor and founded or co‐founded entertainment and marketing and production companies based in Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco and Asheville. Over these past thirty‐plus years, Hal has had the privilege of working with countless major entertainers and top business leaders.

    Over the years, Hal and his team have produced over one hundred annual meetings of numerous Fortune 500 Companies including IBM, ATT, Coca‐Cola, Hilton Hotels Group, Frito‐Lay and Pepsico.Hal wrote and produced the original syndication launch campaigns, through King World, for Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, The Cosby Show and Oprah. He has also been the on‐air voice for Family Channel, ABC Television Family Programming, FOX Kids, KidsTown and NBC’s Olympics coverage; plus his voice has been heard on news and entertainment promos for hundreds of television stations across North America along with thousands of national and multi‐national commercials.

    Hal is married with two young children, one with special needs. Hal and his wife Stephanie are also in the process of adopting two young children from Africa. Their hearts are as one when it comes to the focus they put daily on their faith and family.

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    With satellite offices in California and Florida; and our main office in Asheville, North Carolina, Oodles Entertainment is on the fast track with multiple projects currently in development.

    Asheville Office

    Hal Brown, President / Founder
    (855) 663-5371 or (828) 275-5700